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Wartune Patch 11.5 Official Launch Aug 24th

author:7road| time:2022-08-10| view:1634

Wartune patch 11.5 will be officially launched for all servers on Wednesday, the 24th of August at 01:00 AM PDT / 04:00 AM EDT / 09:00 AM BST / 16:00 PM GMT+8.

1. New Feature:

New addition Warspirit will be added to the Theseus Soul system. Players having reached Kingship Lv. 10 can unlock Warspirit upon completing the guide quest. Warspirit provides players with strong Attributes, Bonus Warparth Levels, Active & Passive Skills. Besides, Warspirits of different major types will have Counter Relations against each other.

Warspirit Guide

2. New PvP event:

We will introduce the brand-new PvP event Theseus Arena in Patch 11.5. Theseus Arena is a ranked solo PvP event centering around the Theseus Soul system. Dragonchant will not be available. The event is open monthly. Players can get Daily Rewards, Tier Rewards and Season Rewards in Theseus Arena.

3. New Feature:

Along with Warspirit, Warspirit Path and Warspirit Tower will also be added. Players can defeat monsters to obtain Warspirit and relevant materials.

Warspirit Path Guide

Warspirit Tower Guide

4. 10th Anniversary New Event Returner Event:

As this year marks the 10th anniversary of Wartune, we sincerely hope to have all our players, both the current players and players who played Wartune before, join together to celebrate the milestone occasion. We will add a special event Alliance, where current players can obtain the special title The Eternal while returning players can obtain the special title The Returner. Alliance can be formed between The Returner and The Eternal. Players can complete Divine Quest, Ally Quest and Returner Quest to earn precious rewards and Alliance Benefits.

5. 10th Anniversary New Event 10-Year Memoirs:

10 years is a long journey not only for us but also for every one of our warriors who embarked on epic journeys in Wartune. To help you recollect your adventure memories, we will add the special event Memoirs where players can review their Wartune journey and get their Anniversary Key Words. As you think back on your Wartune memories from the past ten years, be sure to share them with us on Facebook to win the Share Rewards.

The launch is expected to take approximately 1 to 2 hours.

Thank you for your understanding and support.