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Warspirit Guide

author:7road| time:2022-08-24| view:5912

[How to Unlock]

Ø Complete Class Knighthood —> Kingship Lv. 10 —> Complete Guide Quest: Unlock Warspirit —> Warspirit Unlocked


1. There are totally nine elements of Warspirit (Water, Fire, Wind, Electro, Light, Dark, Ocean, Earth, Sky), which are divided into 3 major types: Nature, Void and Heaven. Players can reach Kingship Lv. 10 to unlock Water, Fire and Wind, Kingship Lv. 15 to unlock Electro, Light and Dark, and Kingship Lv. 20 to unlock Ocean, Earth and Sky.

2. There are Counter Relations among Nature, Void and Heaven, where Nature counters Void, Void counters Heaven, and Heaven counters Nature. The Counter Effects happen when using Warspirit Active Skills.

3. Warspirit deployed are divided into Main and Sub, which will provide different bonuses.

4. There are 3 ways to enhance Warspirit, namely Enchant, Upgrade and Endow.

[Gameplay Intro]

1. Warspirit Incubation

1) There are 6 qualities of Warspirit (White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red), which are incubated with Warspirit Soul of the corresponding elements and qualities. Warspirit Soul can be synthesized with Warspirit Soul Shard in Blacksmith.

2) Warspirit incubation requires 1 hour. And players can spend 300 Balens/Bound Balens to speed up incubation.

2. Warspirit Deployed

Warspirit deployed are divided into Main and Sub, from which players will receive different bonuses. Warspirit of the checked major type on Warspirit page are Main Warspirits, while the rest are Sub Warspirits.

1) Main Warspirit Bonuses: Attributes, Active Skill, Passive Skill

2) Sub Warspirit Bonuses: Attributes

3. Warspirit Enhancement

Players can enhance Warspirit in 3 ways, which are Enchant, Upgrade and Endow.

3.1 Enchant

Players can use Warspirit Enchantment Stone to enchant Warspirit for better Warspirit attributes. And the max Enchant level is related to the quality and Upgrade level of Warspirit.

3.2 Upgrade

1) There are 20 Upgrade levels, which are represented by stars on Warspirit info. The number of stars is 5 at most. Every 5 levels uses one color of stars and the color order is White, Blue, Yellow and Red (e.g. Upgrade level 1 is represented by 1 white star, level 5 by 5 white stars, level 6 by 1 blue star, level 9 by 4 blue stars…). And the max Upgrade level is related to the quality of Warspirit.

2) Players can Upgrade Warspirit to get bonus attributes, increase the max Enchant level and raise the max Endow limit.

3) Warspirit Upgrade consumes a corresponding number of current-quality Warspirit of the corresponding Upgrade level (applicable for Warspirit of all qualities) and Warspirit 1 level lower than the current Warspirit in quality (applicable for Warspirit of Blue quality and above).

3.3 Endow

1) There are 7 levels in Warspirit endowment, which are Unendowed, Common, Fine, Rare, Gorgeous, Perfect, and Heavenly.

2) Warspirit Endow consumes a corresponding number of Warspirit Endowment Soul of the corresponding level. Endow results can be Succeed, Unchange or Fail.

3) If the Endow result is Fail, Endowment Level -1  

4) Please note that Warspirit Endowment Stones can only reduce Fail rate, and they cannot be used if the Fail rate is 0%.

The reduced value of Fail rate will be added to the Unchange rate, and the Success rate will remain the same.

5) Successful Endow will provide bonus Warpath levels to certain Theseus Armor pieces. The higher the Endow level, the more Theseus Armor pieces will get bonus levels and the more bonus levels as well.

6) When the Max Endowment level has been reached, further endowments can change the Warpath Bonus entry names and levels.

7) Max Endow level is related to the Upgrade star level of Warspirit.

4. Warspirit Recycle

When recycling a Warspirit, players will retrieve all Warspirit Soul and Warspirit Enchantment Stone used on the Warspirit.

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