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Wartune Patch 11.2 Offcial Launch November 10th

author:7road| time:2022-04-19| view:2253

Wartune patch 11.2 will be officially launched for all servers on Wednesday, the 10th of November at 01:00 AM PST / 04:00 AM EST / 09:00 AM GMT / 17:00 PM GMT+8 for all servers.

Patch Notes:
1. More powerful and ferocious Bosses showed up in Road to Kingship and Forbidden Abyss. Beat them to upgrade your Kingship level and get new Armour! (Please note that now except Normal bosses, there will be a limitation of Total Ownership/Participation Reward Times for all other bosses together)

2. A brand-new version of Skills after Knighthood has been made for all classes. Now you can choose your skills more freely and use different combinations to defeat your enemies! (Please note that only one skill in each skill column will be able be learned)

More details:

New version Skills-Knight

New version Skills-Mage

New version Skills-Archer

3. Devotion will also have a revision in the new patch! To reduce unnecessary game time, different quests are recommended for players in different levels. You can also finish quests for other levels to obtain more rewards!

4. New outlook, Fashion Chest and Rider's Chest with new and better display effect, interactive experience and rewards including Beast Heart and Flystone have been added to the new Shop. Open Shop to check them out! At the same time, NPC Ifrain will take a vacation from now.

5. Poseidon Shop is on Profile list now! You can enter Poseidon Shop more conveniently through your Profile page.

6. We have noticed that there are too many annoying Treasure Thieves in Sky Trail. The number of the theives have been cut down to save your time and meanwhile get more rewards!

7. More attractive and worthwhile items have been on sale in Mystery Shop! You can enter Mystery Shop through NPC Zoe and the Hot page of Shop.

8. Stun effect in battle has been optimized. After current stun effect ends, players now won't be stunned again in 5 turns. Enjoy smoother and more exciting battles!

The launch is expected to take approximately 1 to 2 hours but could be shorter or longer. Thank you for your understanding and support.