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New version Skills-Mage

author:7road| time:2021-11-10| view:4524

A brand-new version of Skills after Knighthood has been made for all classes. You can view all the skills here and find a perfect combination!

Active 1
Deals 180%-260% magic damage to a random enemy and receive extra 25 rage. Passive effect: MATK increased by 20%

Active 2
Fiery Lotus
Deals 133%-209% magic damage to the whole enemy group. Passive effects: Max HP increased by 20%, MDEF increased by 30%

Active 3

(Can only choose 1)

Criminal Trial
Deals 495%-675% magic damage to a random enemy and boosts its damage received by 20%. Lasts 2 turns.

Healing Hands
Heals party member who possesses the lowest percent of HP, restores HP equal to 276%-376% of its HP, and decreases its damage received by 20%. Lasts 2 turns.

Lightning Chain
Deals 181%-247% MDMG to enemy in the front row  plus a bonus 72% Damage per turn for 2 turns.

Storm Cell
Deals 233%-318% MDMG to enemies in the back row and  increase DMG by 20%. Lasts 2 turns.

Active 4

(Can only choose 1)

Hell's Requiem
Deals 242%-306% MDMG to the entire enemy group and reduces damage dealt by targets by 20%. Lasts 2 turns.

Brightly Shining
Recover 171%-216% HP for entire party.

Flaming Vortex
Deals 697%-883% MDMG to the enemy with the lowest amount of HP.

Frost Ring
Deals 297%-376% MDMG to two random enemies and generates a 15% shield for the entire party. Lasts 2 turns.

Active 5

(Can only choose 1)

Deals 430%-516% MDMG to 2-4 enemies.

Paradise Carol
Restores 193%-232% Max HP for the entire party and removes 3 negative buffs.

Meteorite Crash
Deals 330%-396% MDMG to enemy in the front row plus a bonus 132% Damage per turn. Lasts 2 turns.

Lightning Nova
Deals 850%-1020% MDMG to a random enemy and increase DMG by 20%. Lasts 2 turns.

Passive 1

(Can only choose 1)

Energy Control
7%-22% chance of Damage Dealt +20% when dealing damage. Lasts 2 turns.

Divine Shield
7%-22% chance to recover 3% HP  when attacking.

Mana Reflux
7%-22% chance to restore 1% HP for the entire party after each action.

Soul Transformation
7%-22% chance to heal party member who possesses the lowest percent of HP, restores HP equal to 3% of its Max HP after each action.

Passive 2

(Can only choose 1)

Death Curse
7%-22% chance to increase enemies' received damage by 20%. Lasts 2 Turns.

Mana Miracle
7%-22% chance to remove 1 beneficial buff from the enemy when dealing damage.

Seed of Wisdom
7%-22% chance to decrease damage received by 20% after each action. Lasts 2 turns.

War Blessing
7%-22% chance to remove a negative buff for entire party each turn.

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