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[NEW PATCH] Wartune Patch 11.5 Teaser 2

author:7road| time:2022-08-16| view:595

Long long ago when Warspirit was unearthed, the most valiant warriors in Wartune immediately embarked on their journey to seek their luck.

They made an arduous journey and finally arrived in the ancient ruins where Warspirit was first discovered. To their surprise, the Theseus armor pieces they were wearing could somehow sense the traces of Warspirit. Following the traces, they managed to discover many powerful Warspirit.

However, humans were not the only ones allured by the power. Demons from the abyss had long been plotting on it. The heroic warriors must defeat the demons to obtain what they had been longing for.

And on their Warspirit path, an odd tower stood, seemingly having some mysterious connection with the power of Warspirit.

More patch details will be revealed soon. Follow our fan page and stay tuned!