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Realm Adventure Guide

author:7road| time:2022-04-27| view:2708

Realm Adventure

[Unlocking Conditions]

ØComplete Class Advancement —> Unlock Road to Kingship —> Complete Guide Quest: Realm Adventure —> Unlock Realm Adventure

ØKingship level reaches Lv. 6 to unlock Fire Realm, the first realm in Realm Adventure


Cloud City —> NPC Forbidden Land BOSS (Alisa) —> Realm Adventure


1. Realms: There are currently 4 realms available, which are Fire Realm, Wood Realm, Water Realm, Wind Realm.

Players can move their cursors over the locked realms to see the unlocking conditions.

2. Realm Stages: Each realm contains 3 stages, which will be unlocked in order after stage clearance. When all 3 stages of a realm are complete, the realm will be considered cleared.

3. Possible Drops: Players can see the possible drops of each realm at the top right of the interface.

4. Remaining HP: Players' current remaining HP in the realm will be displayed on the right of the interface. And it can be restored via battles or by triggering Blessing Gear in the realm.

5. Revive Now: Players' character appearance will be turned into a tombstone if they are defeated in the realm. And it will take 24 hours to revive. To revive immediately, players can simply click on the tombstone or the Revive Now button on the interface. The Revive Now function will cost Balens, which is based on the remaining revive hours.

6. Theseus Armour BR: Players' Theseus Armour BR will be displayed at the bottom right of the interface. Only players' basic attributes and Theseus attributes when they click on Start Challenge will be counted in Realm Adventure. And the attributes players obtained during the adventure will not be counted. Besides, players' attributes will be updated when they revive (including Revive Now).

7. Start Challenge: Players can click on the button to enter the realm.

8. Reset: Players' Realm Adventure progress will be reset at 00:00 every Monday.

9. Help: Players can click on the question mark button at the top right to see the rules about Realm Adventure.


1. In-Realm Movement Rules

1) All cells on the realm map are hexagonal. And players can move in all six directions of the hexagon.

Note: Players can click on the targeted cells to move their characters. If the character doesn't move, a reminder will appear telling you to clear the obstacles on the way first. In addition, if the cells over which you hover your mouse are not highlighted, there are enemies nearby blocking your path.

2) Display Shifting: Players can click and hold the left mouse button to shift the screen display. When characters are out of the display, players can click on the Hero button on the left to shift the character cell back to the display immediately.

2. Event Triggering Rules

1) Players need to move to the adjacent cells of the event locality to trigger the event.

2) Event Types:

a. Guards: All realm guards on the map are considered obstacles. Players need to move to the cells adjacent to the guards to challenge them. Only after defeating the guards in the way can players proceed.

b. Chests: Players can move to the cells adjacent to the chests and click on them to collect chest rewards.

c. Boss: Players need to defeat the boss to unlock the portal to the next realm stage.

d. Stone Gear: Players can interact with the Stone Gear to change its status, switching it between blocking and being passable.

e. Realm Shop: Players can purchase jewel-related materials at discounted prices in Realm Shop.

f. Blessing Gear: Players can trigger it to restore 10% of max HP.

g. Clearance Quest: Players must interact with the quest cell to accept the Clearance Quest, and the quest info will be displayed on the right of the interface. Players will not be able to obtain Clearance Quest rewards without accepting the quest.

There are 3 possible Clearance Quests as follows:

Quest 1: Defeat all guards in the current realm stage to get extra rewards and unlock the portal to the next realm stage.

Quest 2: Defeat the Elemental Lord to get extra rewards and unlock the portal to the next realm stage.

Quest 3: Trigger the castle event to get extra rewards and unlock the portal to the next realm stage.

h. The Lost Knight: Interact with the knight to trigger the pop-up Note and make your choice.

And there will be 3 possible results as follows:

Result 1: The knight is actually an enemy in disguise. You will need to challenge him and there will be no reward given.

Result 2: The knight is genuine. He will give you some resources as compensation.

Result 3: The knight simply disappears, leaving no reward.

i. Castle: Players can move to the castle cell and trigger the castle event to complete the corresponding Clearance Quest. And they will get extra rewards and unlock the portal to the next realm stage.

j. Geographical Obstacles:

Elemental Obstacles: Volcano (Fire Realm), Stone Reef (Water Realm), Jungle (Wood Realm), Hurricane (Wind Realm)

Mountain Obstacles: Common in all realms and cannot be removed

k. Elemental Gear: Triggered to remove some of the elemental obstacles from the map. (Special Effects will appear when triggered)


ØOuter & Inner Jewel:

Players will be rewarded with chests of different qualities by completing the Clearance Quests. And they can open the chests to obtain jewels of the corresponding qualities

ØOuter Jewel Enchantment Stone, Inner Jewel Enchantment Stone, Outer Jewel Polishing Stone, Inner Jewel Polishing Stone:

Obtained by defeating the realm guards or opening the chests.

ØCore Enchantment Stone, Core Breakthrough Stone:

Obtained by completing Clearance Quests or opening the chests.

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