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New Event - Holiday Carnival is Online!

author:7road| time:2022-01-19| view:593

New Event - Holiday Carnival


Players can enter the event via Holiday Carnival event icon.


(1) Carnival Points

· Obtain points:

Players can obtain event points by Lucky Draw (See introduction below), Daily Challenge, and Recharge (gives different amount of points based on recharge amount).

· Claim rewards: Rewards can be claimed when certain amount of points is reached. Please note that the rewards will not be able to be claimed after the event ends.

(2)Recharge Gifts

· Rules: During the event, certain amount of recharge will grant gift draw opportunities. Click Drawto start the draw in the outer reward pool. When the snowman in top left and bottom right corner is drawn, another gift draw in the inner reward pool will be granted.

3)Lucky Slot

· Rules: During the event, players can use the slot machine to get extra Balens when certain amount of Balens is recharged. There are in total four slot chances. When using the chances, players will spin the number in ones place, tens place, hundreds place and thousands place in order and get Balens equaling the number. For example, if the numbers of the four slots are 4, 3, 6, 8 from ones place to thousands place, player will receive 4, 34, 634, and 8634 Balens separately.

(4) Holiday Packs

· Rules: Players can get a free gift pack everyday. There are also other holiday packs that can be purchased. The packs will reset everyday.



(5) Lucky Draw

· Rules: Use Carnival Coins to try your lucky draw. For each draw, players will get both items rewards and carnival points.

(6) Daily Challenge

· Rules: Finish the daily challenges to obtain carnival points. The challenges will reset everyday at 00:00.

(7) Merry Land

· Rules: There are three interesting games in merry land waiting for players to find out and play. Rewards including carnival points can be obtained from the games. The reward times for each game will reset everyday.

(8) Online Rewards

· Rules: Stay online to get amazing rewards!