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Wartune Thanksgiving Events

author:7road| time:2021-11-24| view:1275

Thanksgiving is coming! Wartune Thanksgiving events have already started. Check out the following events!

1. An amazing Thanksgiving turkey containing gorgeous gifts has been prepared on the Thanksgiving dinner table. Cut the turkey to find out what's in it! Click here!

2. Daily Gifts: All players will receive Thanksgiving items, Water& Fire Steel and Lv. 1 Goddess Scroll during the event! Don't forget to get them! Event duration: Nov. 24th -26th.

3. Thanksgiving Recharging & Spending: You will get Light & Dark Steels, and Thanksgiving items! Event duration: Nov. 24th -27th.

4. Lottery: Use Thanksgiving items to get Thanksgiving clothing, Wind & Electro Steels! Event duration: Nov. 24th -28th.

5. Super Check-in: You will get Sagittarius Title Card! Event duration: Nov. 24th -30th.

6. Thanksgiving Lucky Exchange: Who are lucky to get the new amazing Dragonchant Clothing - Thanksgiving Party & Thanksgiving mount- 2021 Thanksgiving Turkey! And don't forget Lv. 3 Goddess Scroll! Event duration: Nov.24th -30th.

7. Platinum Pot: Don't miss Light Armor set! Event duration: Nov. 28th-30th.

More Thanksgiving events await you in game! Log into the game to find out!