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Wartune 9th Anniversary Celebration

author:7road| time:2021-08-20| view:1771

The second round of Wartune 9th anniversary celebration is here!

1. Get 9th Anniversary items, Lv.1 & Lv. 2 Goddess Scroll, and Theseus materials among other gorgeous rewards in Heavenly Crianza and Rave. Don't miss the events!
2. Use 9th Anniversary items to exchange for the exclusive 9th anniversary mount - 9th Anniversary Conch and other rewards in Lucky Exchange & Hot Events!
3. The 9th Anniversary Quiz Event is waiting for you! Click the link to check how much you know about Wartune and win the quiz reward code! A small tip: more right answers, better rewards!

Besides, SHARE this FB
post to public, we will send all players anniversary rewards in game when the shares reach certain numbers. The more shares you reach, the better rewards you will get!
Reach 299 shares to get 9th Anniversary gift* 1, Pennant Ascension Stone* 1, Polishing Orb*20, Goddess Heart Shard* 100, Carving Stone*10, Holy Dragon Essence*5
Reach 699 shares to get 9th Anniversary gift* 2, Pennant Ascension Stone* 2, Polishing Orb*40, Goddess Heart Shard* 200, Carving Stone*20, Holy Dragon Essence*10
Reach 1299 shares to get 9th Anniversary gift* 3, Pennant Ascension Stone* 4, Polishing Orb*80, Goddess Heart Shard* 400, Carving Stone*40, Holy Dragon Essence*20
(This event will end at 12:00 noon PDT on August 27th. The rewards will be sent by the end of August 27th. Invite your friends to join the event!)