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Wartune Patch 11.0 Offcial Launch May 12th

author:7road| time:2021-06-08| view:2715

Wartune patch 11.0 will be officially launched for all servers on Wednesday, the 12th of May at 01:00 AM PDT / 04:00 AM EDT / 09:00 AM BST / 16:00 PM GMT+8 for all servers.

Patch Notes:

1. New Feature: The whole new Theseus Soul feature is coming! Beat the Forbidden Land Boss to achieve Kingship! For more details about Theseus Soul, Forbidden Land Boss, and Kingship, please go to

2. New Feature: Achievements system is online! Check what you have conquered and achieved on the journey of Wartune. There will also be surprise gift packages!

3. Feature Optimization: In order to save your time, Guild Boss has been optimized. If your guild defeats the boss in a fast speed, you can skip a certain amount of bosses now!

4. Feature Optimization: According to your suggestion, Sky Garden is now removed from game. Sky Garden NPC Alisa will take a new job. Check it out!

5. Text Optimization: To meet the request for clearer item source, some items' source description has been optimized.

6. Player Benefit: Cuties Expedition Blitz has been added to Spirit Convenant. There won't be extra cost for blitzing Cuties Expedition!

7. Fixed Bugs: Certain ingame bugs have been fixed.

8. Optimized Server Condition: Servers have been optimized to be more smooth and stable.

The launch is expected to take approximately 1 to 2 hours but could be shorter or longer. Thank you for your understanding and support.