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Forbidden Land Boss Guide

author:7road| time:2021-05-11| view:1732

Forbidden Land Boss


The brilliance of the gods can no longer protect this land. What are you still hesitating about? Go and challenge the Demon Lord of the Abyss and take back the armor left by the gods!

Feature Entrance

NPC Alisa in Could City

Feature Introduction

1.   After class advancement, players can unlock Forbidden Land Boss feature by defeating the first boss in Road to Kingship. The opening time of Forbidden Land Boss is 10:00-24:00 everyday.

2.   There are four difficulties of Forbidden Land Boss, including Normal, Hero, Nightmare, and Forbidden Cave. The difficulties will be unlocked after certain Kingship levels are reached.

3.   When challenging a Boss, the player who caused the highest damage will receive Ownership Reward, and players from the same Guild as the boss owner will receive Participation Reward. Ownership Reward and Participation Reward can each be received for 8 times at most everyday.

4.   After participating in killing the boss for the first time, players can collect First Kill Reward. It can only be collected once.

5.   There is a recommended Theseus Armour Value for each boss. If the value is not met, damage caused to the boss will be reduced by 90%. Drangonchant status will not be able to challenge the boss.

6.   Forbidden Land Boss is a cross-server challenge. There will be a regroup of servers every Monday.

Battle Map

1.  After entering the map to challenge boss, players can click "Map" to see the location of the boss. Auto Routing will help players move to the bossposition automatically.

2.  Damage Ranking will be showed on the right side according to players' damage caused to the boss.

3.  If a player leaves the map when the boss has not been defeated, damage caused by the player will be reset, and rewards will not be received.