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Road to Kingship Guide

author:7road| time:2021-05-12| view:1631

Road to Kingship


Road to Kingship is open. Wear your armour and defeat powerful BOSS on the road to win Kingship!

Feature Entrance

Players after Class Advancement can accept "Unlock Kingship" quest at NPC Alisa on the south of Cloud City. Finish the quest to open Road to Kingship.

Feature Introduction

1. Road to Kingship is divided into different Kingship levels. Players need to kill requested amount of Kingship BOSS to unlock the next Kingship level.

2. Every time a Kingship level is unlocked, players will get a certain attribute bonus. The number of Theseus Armour sets, the difficulty of Forbidden Land BOSS and the number of Poseidon Shop levels can also be unlocked at fixed levels.

3. Only Theseus soul attributes are available in Kingship BOSS fight and Dragonchant status cannot challenge the BOSS.

4. Each BOSS requires a certain Theseus Armour value. Damage will be reduced by 90% in BOSS fight if the required Armour value is not reached.

5. Players will be rewarded with Poseidon Gems by defeating Kingship BOSS. Poseidon Gems are used for redeeming items in Poseidon Shop.

6. Road to Kingship Ranking ranks according to players' Kingship level and Kingship BOSS level. The ranking refreshes at 00:00 everyday.

Poseidon Shop

1. Click "Get ArmourValue" to enter Poseidon Shop in Kingship BOSS fight. Or enter the shop through NPC Alisa.

2. Poseidon Shop is divided into Normal Shop and Advanced Shop, each containing 5 levels. Each shop level will be unlocked by reaching a certain Kingship level.

3. Players can use Poseidon Gems to buy Theseus Equipment and Theseus upgrading items in Normal Shop, and Balens to buy Theseus Equipment upgrading items and Poseidon Gems in Advance Shop.

4. Lifetime limited items will not be able to purchase after the limitation is reached. Day limited items will be reset at 00:00 everyday.