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Theseus Soul Guide

author:7road| time:2021-05-12| view:2027

Theseus Soul


A new challenge is waiting for the lords! The legendary King Theseus of Athens has set up many traps for the lords. Are you ableto clear the path of kingship, defeat the powerful forbidden boss, and obtain the equipment of Theseus?

Feature Entrance

1. Opening Level: After Class Advancement

2. Entrance: Icon above Archaeology – Theseus

3. Opening Quest: Talk to Alisa in Could City after Class Advancement

Feature Introduction

1.  Theseus Armour

Theseus Armour consists of 9 set, being Water Armour,Fire Armour, Electro Armour, Wind Armour, Light Armour, Dark Armour, Ocean Armour, EarthArmour, and Sky Armour. Each set of Theseus Armour includes 12 parts, being Weapon, Clothes, Shield, Cloak, Helmet, Shoes, Necklace, Belt, Ring*2, Bracelet*2.

Theseus Armour can be obtained from Poseidon Shop, Forbidden Land Boss, and events. Wearing Theseus Armour will increase Armour Value.

Set Attributes

One set of Theseus Armour consists of three partial sets, including Weapon Set, Shield Set, and Accessory Set. Additional bonus DMG and DMG resistance attributes will be given when the sets are activated.


Higher level of Theseus Armour can be synthesized in Blacksmith, using lower level of Theseus Armour and corresponding materials.


1.  Shield and Cloak cannot be recycled.

2.  Other parts of Theseus Armour can be recycled to get Poseidon Gems or other materials.

2.  Warpath

Using materials to upgrade the 12 parts of Warpath can give extra attributes, but cannot increase Theseus Armour Value. The maximum level is 100.

When all parts of Warpath reach a certain level, bonus attributes will be activated.