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Something you must know

author:7road| time:2021-02-07| view:7015

Dear players,

In the past two weeks we didn’t talk much, instead we spend all the time on restoring the game order. With the joint efforts of all loyal fans, our lost friends are returning home one after another and have regained the right of continuing gaming. We appreciate for you, our valuable players, for your trust and utmost patience. Meanwhile we regret for those who spent a long time on communicating with us during retrieval, which was caused by the insufficient preparation for this unexpected incident.

We didn’t intend to involve you in this dispute anymore. But out of frustration we found that Proficient City/Game Hollywood requested a Temporary Restraining Order from Texas court by malicious lawsuit with flawed evidence, using the loopholes that temporary injunction can be issued without substantial review in U.S., intended to threaten our server vendor to stop game service. They not only never cooperate on helping transfer the character data of those who want to continue to play the Games according to our contract, instead they deliberately prevent players from coming back to the Games by all means, ignored players’ interest and need and repeated harming players’ rights. In the same time they kept illegally using the art resources of Wartune, and disturbing the players of Wartune with events of other games on their platform through community, Facebook advertising and email marketing, to reach their commercial intention. Who would have believed that such publisher will stand with players and protect the interests of players?

Correspondingly, we have taken active steps to safeguard Wartune Land and tried our best to return Wartune players with peace. One good news is that our Facebook Fan Page got deblocked a few days ago after Facebook Team review our legal operation qualification. And we would like to reiterate that, as the developer and the only legitimate owner of Wartune, 7ROAD had terminated the partnership with Proficient City/Game Hollywood and took back the publishing right. We urge Proficient City/Game Hollywood stop calling their platform as “authorized platform” since they are NO LONGER authorized, and stop threatening and disturbing Wartune players. But most importantly, we want to tell our players in all seriousness that CONTINUING USING THE SERVICE OFFERED BY UNAUTHORIZED PUBLISHER WILL EXPOSE YOU IN DANGER. We appeal all our valuable players NOT to provide any personal info to any unauthorized publisher, with their lure of offering legal assistance.

At present,, built and released by 7ROAD, is the ONLY AVAILABLE and LEGAL website to run Wartune/Wartune Reborn. Although there are many areas that need to be improved due to lack of publishing experience, we are still trying our best to create a good environment for gaming.

7ROAD will spare no effort to defend your right for gaming!

Wartune Official Team